Wednesday 10 August 2011

Heart Breaks.

I believe we all have gone through a form of heart break at some point in our life. But, what matters is whether or not we are able to deal with the pain and how we come out stronger than being broken by the heart break. 

I am inspired to write this post because a friend of mine is going through a terrible heart break and I think he is suffering so much. I know this because he told me that late at night when all the world is sleeping, he stays awake and thinks of "her" all through the night. Hmm... this thing called l-o-v-e.

There is just this thin line between love and hate based on his deeds and actions; and from the way he is carrying on. I think he has crossed over from the love he once had for his woman to bitterness and hatred. 

One thing I know is that, when someone does not love you anymore, let the heavens fall down, sell your soul to the devil, jump off the bridge, kill your mother, attempt to be run over by a huge truck... It can’t, won’t, shan’t, never change a thing. They will still not love you. But if that love is surely yours, it will definitely come back to you on the long run. Remember the song  "what ever will be will be"?

I know its not easy to lose a loved one especially when you are so crazy in love with them but the truth is that, no matter how much it hurts, you gotta let it go and move on because it doesn't mean it's the end of the world. If that separation does not kill you, then expect it to make you stronger.

Love is a crazy thing, I know, but my take is, so far as there is life, there is hope and people will never stop falling in and out of love. So if you find yourself heartbroken, don't give up on life, don't attempt suicide, don't be bitter or hate the person, just release that person from your heart and forgive them for hurting you. Do this and see how God will heal you, restore you and help you bounce back, stronger and better than before. 

Here is wishing my dear friend all the strength he needs at this time and pray he finds all the happiness he ever hoped for; plus all the excitement he needs in his next love life. Above all, I hope he gets to read this piece.

Peace... I'm out!!!


  1. Nice one there, i also pray he heals quickly, its not easy but strength lies in the love of God.

  2. thanks mawushie for the comment. I pray so too.

  3. In this world we always think good and forget the worse ones, so when it happens we found it very difficult, but when u think about both, it is always easy to come over it. I pray for her that she come out of these mess as early as possible. And find a good one who is waiting for this to happen to get his luv.