Monday 15 August 2011

When the odds speak...

There's been this story making the headlines recently about a very popular pastor and it saddens my heart the way people are using one person's mistake to link to all other pastors.

One thing I want to make clear is that, pastors are also humans, they are bound to make mistakes as well, so we the church, need to be praying for our pastors always.    

Founder and General Overseer of the International God’s Way Church (IGWC), Bishop Daniel Obinim has openly admitted that he crippled and rendered mad, a child he is alleged to have fathered with his former ‘sex partner’ Gifty Pokua.

He confessed on-air to having placed a curse on the child as punishment for Gifty’s desire to dent his image and to prove that he still had the anointing of God.

Interestingly, he concedes having an affair with the woman but states that the relationship occurred some five years ago.

Speaking in an exclusive lengthy interview with Kwami Sefa Kayi on PeaceFM’s Kokrokoo, he claimed that Gifty Pokua, the wife of one of his junior pastors, has unbeknownst to him been recording private conversations between the two of them with the mindset of blackmailing him, and so decided to teach her a lesson.

“I passed my hands through her head, so her mind is completely destroyed and I held her feet and paralyzed her so that the child can never walk… I used the power of Jesus that is in me. I wanted to prove to her that she (Gifty Pokua) cannot destroy the work of God that I was doing because I am not the only man of God who has slept with another woman…
That is my way of proving to her that she cannot do what she has done because the relationship we had was some three, four years ago. However if she apologies to me, I would heal the child,” Bishop Obinim said. ( at this point, am all teary eyed poor innocent child) wickedness at its highest order.
The Head Pastor of IGWC, who showed no remorse for cursing the baby, pointed out that Gifty Pokua should have at least been a bit thoughtful by considering how he (Obinim) also felt, when she went on radio tarnishing his reputation. ( can you guys imagine the impudence??)
“If I am cut with an object, it is blood that comes…I am not an Angel, I am human,” he added. 
Bishop Obinim (Obinim means no one knows)
Bishop Obinim further recounted that he nearly committed suicide when the shame and embarrassment became unbearable; adding that the only thing that kept him going was the wise counsel and inspiration from some powerful men of God.
So, there you have it. The full story. Make your own assessment, and deliver your own judgement. But let me tell you guys a story. Sometime this year, this same pastor had an issue with another pastor from a different church, who accused him of using "juju" to perform the miracles he has been known for; as in, the power he was using wasn't from God, but from occultic sources.
Obinim preaching on television on one of those days within that period, sat on the ground of his church auditorium and asked the whole of Ghana to pray for him to be disgraced if the power he was working with/by wasn't from God. I imagine he did this to establish his credibility, but could it be that nemesis has finally caught up with him?
You can not use the name of God in vain. Something tells me (call it a believer's hunch) that this is just the beginning. God is going to separate His chosen ones from those who claim to be from Him but are not.
When the odds speak, the best place to be is on the Lord's side. That is the only thing that can guarantee your vindication. Those on the Lord's side always win, because He knows how to fight for His own. But He will always confound the wicked. He always does...

Peace... I'm out.


  1. Im speechless! How can He someone supposedly called by God be so wicked?

  2. its so pathetic my dear, when people who claim to be called by God behave this way. we only have to pray for his mercies. Thanks for the comment.

  3. God, obviously, didnt give him the power he is using. No man of God will commit a sin and still be defiant about it. God isnt a magician. 'run his hand thru her hair to make her mad and touch her legs to paralyze her'? that sounds like the devil to me

  4. By their fruits (Not miracles,not wealth) ye shall know them. So pathetic. I have come to realize that society now strongly frowns on visiting malams but encourages individuals who visit men of God to solve their problems. Although some people doubt the powers used by some men of God, they visit them so they can achieve their goal and even profess boldly, thereafter,the process they went through in achieving this goal.

    Some people no matter how truly they serve God will continue to suffer and may even die so that some of us can learn some valuable lessons. Have you thought about why most great people in this world had a difficult past?

  5. 1 TIMOTHY 3:1-6.
    This bible verse could let us know much about A MAN OF GOD. am only advising him to calm, as a man of God, he should know how to hold his temper, and also ask for forgiveness rather than telling the offenders to do so.

  6. @ Kobena Wiredu, well said and about the question asked, yes most great people in the world go through some form of difficulties in order to have something to advice people on and also to testify about. thanks for this one.

    @ Casio, that is true he should rather bow his head in shame and ask for forgiveness from the Lord.

  7. His very own child?!!! my mouth is still open