Wednesday 31 August 2011


What's up Fam?!

The loveliest day comes when you wake up to find out that life still colours your world with, and through people who never fail to remember you. I remembered all my friends and loved ones today and said a prayer for all.

I was at a wedding over the weekend and I must say it was very simply organised and yet stylish. The engagement (traditional marriage) and the blessing (white wedding) were very simple, low keyed and yet plush in my own assessment; and that is how I like my things to be, very simple and yet stylish.

I know that having a white wedding is every woman's dream, but the way some people have their weddings these days, it's as if there is a competition to determine who wins wedding of the year at the end of the day. 

A friend of mine had her wedding about a year ago, and although they had nice cars that could have been used, they had to rent a limousine and other plush cars for the wedding,  paying huge sums of money after the wedding and still owing a lot of people. This resolved in a lot of blame game and today, although they are still married, they are separated because they cannot stand each other and she is living her life with a lot of regrets.

Another friend of mine got married in 2003 with a whooping $6000+ as the spending cash for the reception, the decor, the bridal train as well as for the grooms men and up until now, the problems arising out of that expenditure are uncountable.

I don't have anything against plush weddings, and if the money is there to spend why not... But it becomes worrisome when it  is like a competition. The fact that a dish looks good on a friend's plate does not mean it will taste good as well. I have heard stories (call it superstition) about how bad things happen to couples who have plush weddings, and this is because "bad eyes (jealous people)" come to witness the wedding and cause the couple problems after.

I think the most important thing is that, at the end of the day, one is married and called Mrs xoxo,wife of xoxo. I also think that monies saved from unnecessary spending at  weddings can be used  for better things like saving for the unborn kids, some investments or any other constructive venture.

What is your take really on unnecessary spending on wedding ceremonies? I mean where a lot of things could be taken off and yet a superb ceremony would still take place at the end of the day? Let me hear your sides on what you actually think about this issue.

This is my world! Lol... and I can free my mind on issues right? Anyways, I was happy about the simplicity of the wedding and was glad the way it all ended. 

Here is wishing Mr. & Mrs. Asare all the best in their marriage.

Peace... I'm out



  1. I'm sure you know Nigerians like 'big' weddings LOL

    However, I think it is a waste
    If/when my kids are getting married, I rather give them money to invest in joint property - with their wives - and have a small wedding instead

  2. Lol, yeah right N.I.L, its always best to save up some money for better things after the wedding instead. thanks for the comments.

  3. I really agree with you. If one has the money to spend, go for it. But I won't spend the money that I can use to get a property that we can live in or rent out on a one day event. I'm more interested in investing towards our marriage. Lovely post.

  4. thanks, for your comments. its always the best my dear investing towards the marriage. thanks for dropping by, am off to your blog. Lol