Monday 29 August 2011


Hello everyone.

Where did the weekend go? I can't believe another week is here already and I am right here behind my desk and my computer is staring me right in the face, (sighs). You do agree with me that this month has really gone fast, don't you?

Today, I want to share a thought on thanksgiving. It is always necessary to look back and be grateful for all that the almighty has done for you: your family and your loved ones. My post today has become very necessary because it is always good to look back and assess how far the almighty God has brought you and count your blessing, "naming them one by one". I have a couple of people I will love to say thank you to.

First of all, I will say a very big thank you to God almighty. He is the potter and pillar that holds my life together, and I am the clay. Can you imagine the way it would have been if God were to be like us, as in, the way we get so resentful at people who wrong us sometimes? I personally wish I had the power to make a person's mouth twist or otherwise when I get really pissed off with what they are doing or what they have done to me. Lol. But God is an awesome God; very loving, forgiving and mighty to save. He loves us to bits, despite our short comings. So whatever we do, we should always try not to be in His bad books. It is not an easy task because human beings will always err but we have to try. :-)

I am also very grateful to my friends and family and then to blogville, its been a wonderful experience since I joined this platform, and I am loving every minute of it. My followers and those who leave comments, it make me realize that I am not writing to myself and reading it alone. And all those who visit from all over the world ( got to know this through the feedjit real time) I am so grateful. God bless your hearts. 

I am so excited that there is going to be a holiday somewhere this week. This is because our Muslim brothers and sisters will be celebrating sala (hope I got it right) and it's going to be so much fun. I love holidays and here in Ghana, we have quite a number of them, like the independence day, republic day, AU day amongst others. Maybe we need to have the United Africans thanks giving day like the Americans do and prepare local dishes where our friends and families come around for a feast to thank God for delivering us from colonialism.

Keep visiting and leaving your comments because it gives me so much hope knowing that and challenges me more. 

Peace... I'm out

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