Tuesday 23 August 2011

Hurting Relationships

Hello wonderful people,

It fills my heart with joy anytime I am here typing out "something" knowing that "someone" somewhere reads and actually appreciates whatever I am doing. I am very grateful to all of you who have been reading from this blog and leaving comments. Thank you so much for always stopping by and God bless your sweet hearts.

Now, to the issue for today, There is this article in a magazine I am reading currently with the above title as the heading. Getting to the end of the piece, I said to myself "wow! THIS IS IT. I am sharing it on my blog for my readers to take a clue or two from it.

Before then however, this is my own take on hurting relationships,  Every one wants hurting relationships to be in the past. But if not handled well, they tend to stand in the way of a fulfilled relationship. The first step in resolving your issue is to deal with your hurt. It is important to totally let go of that which we call the past, by totally forgiving those who have hurt you. This could be family, friends, husband and wife as well as boyfriend/girlfriend relationships.

Here is what  Irene Kretchy a clinical psychologist in Accra, had to say concerning the above mentioned topic in the magazine I spoke about earlier.

* Visualize that the person who caused you the pain is sitting right in front of you.( you can use an old picture if you have one); recollect and recount all the incidents that hurt you and the way you feel about this person. Decide mentally that you have forgiven them and affirm it verbally. Humans are not perfect and often err; so see the person who caused you the pain in that light.

* It is good to see a counselor or a therapist if you can, to help in your healing process. If you feel that you played a part in how your relationships went sour, forgive yourself and see those experiences as your learning curve. Replace the time you spend dwelling on the past hurt with things you really enjoy doing.

Instead of dwelling on the pains and hurts from past relationships, put that energy to work and invest in the present relationship. Do not compare your present relationship with what you see on TV or elsewhere. Your relationship is unique. Every relationship is.

These are the few points I got from a relationship expert's point of view. The little I can add to it from my own experience is that you must learn to spend time with people who make you happy, and do not take any hasty decisions during your time of hurt and pain, as you might regret your actions later.

Anybody with more points we could learn or take a clue from should please bring them on board.

Thank you all for reading.

Peace...I'm out.


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