Monday 1 August 2011

New Beginnings

Happy new month everyone!!!

Hope you are all well and hearty. My life has been exceptionally awesome! Infact, am not sure I could have wished for any better. I had a blessed gift at the end of July, and guess what? Yours truly is now an aunty!!!
My big brother's wife had a bouncing baby boy yesterday and the whole family is so excited about the miracle. Hmm... What a blessed way to end the month, the baby is so adorable, and that makes me want to have another baby! Yeeaaaahh! I'm that happy. lol
This month of August for me, is a month of new beginnings, this is the month wherein all I may have tried and failed at, I will try again and again until I win. I am saying to myself, my past is over and my best is yet to come starting from now.

Guess you all have some resolutions for this month and how to re-strategies on certain things in order to make certain other things happen. Wishing everyone well in their endeavours.

Moving further, the organization I work with, has adopted new ways of checking on staff credibility, especially in the area of our timing-promptness and punctuality; especially on time in, time out and lunch times. We now use something they call time-ware assess control, which has to do with thumb printing.

I was so surprised to see "some" habitual latecomers, coming into the office very early today. lol. Hmm... But on a more serious note, I wonder why it is, that until there is some form of drastic measure put in place, people (and I do not mean to generalize) will continue to behave in the in-disciplined manner they do. 

My advice is, let us learn to be disciplined in all areas of our lives even when we think no one is watching. And, self discipline starts from the mind.   

My prayer for all of us this month is that, even as the year runs towards its end, each and everyone of us will be able to achieve all that we hope for and be able to enjoy all the blessing that our God has for us. 

If you see people without a smile today, give them one of yours. A blessed day and a productive month to you all.

Peace, I'm out!


  1. Wish you well too this Month.