Thursday 29 September 2011

Be Yourself!!!

Hello Blogville!

Have you ever been in a situation where you couldn't care or bother about what people say or do? Well... that is the situation I find myself in right about now.

People just judge you based on your outlook, your appearance or hear-say (this by the way, is the worst of them all as far I am concerned). Gone are the days that I used to live my life for people; when the fear of what people might say or do gets to me and limits or completely stops me from doing what I know I have to do. At this point in my life, I am happy to say that I have outgrown that stage. Yeah!!! Call it growing up, being a big girl or moving to my next level, for me, it's moving on to better days, of progress and fulfillment.

I am saying this based on an incident that happened recently. One thing I hate is when people conclude issues concerning you based on what their "korokoro" eyes have seen or what their ears heard, and the area I live in is one of the safest but yet gossip filled areas one can come across. People monitor your every move, as if some have been assigned to be checking your every activity every minute and time. You know... Like the CIA, KGB, BNI,

One thing I know is that, so far as we are human beings, people will never (consciously or otherwise) stop talking or stepping on our toes. So my advice is, if you are still living your life based on the fact that people might talk about you when you do this or that, then you are setting yourself up for a disastrously unfulfilled life. Live your life the way you want it. Do what you know you have to do and be happy. This is not to say we should isolate ourselves or live our lives disregarding the people around us. So make sure you are doing the right thing and be responsible for your actions.

A very good friend of mine always says that, things are fine and will only get better. So believe in God and also in yourself, it is well so far as God sits on the throne.

Thanks for stopping by.

Peace... I'm out


  1. been there before. very annoying...., don't mind anybody jare. do what you think is best.

  2. Hmn, i certaintly agree with you. i'm myself (every1 else is taken). Pple would always find reasons to say stuff about you. Sometimes those who havnt met you have an opinion about long as you dont let it define you, let them keep "saying" while you keep "doing you" as long as you dont hurt nobody. I always say, never judge a book by its cover so be "you" and enjoy #wink

  3. wooooww, in fact thank you for this one. I always let the way people will think or feel about me get in my way too much, maybe i should be like you and move on... moving on it it for me then. thank you.

  4. Totally agree.

    Also, I just gave you the versatile blogger award in my latest post. Check it out and pass it on.

  5. Priscy, If you want to please everyone, you end up pleasing no one. Just please your conscience and everything will be fine and better.

  6. I agree with you completely. I say let people talk.

  7. thank you all for the comments and to you, Myne...awwww thanks a lot, I have just finish passing it on. thank you and thak you.

  8. The truth is that whatever we do in this life, people will still talk so we might as well be who God has called us to be cos that's the only important thing