Thursday 8 September 2011

when the odds speak Pt 2...

Hello everyone,
You remember the story I posted sometime ago about the man of God who rendered a child mentally incapacitated and physically paralyzed right? Ok, now the developing story is that, a Tema based herbalist and spiritualist, Togbui Amuzu, yesterday set the stage to cause a stir in the Christian circles when he declared his capacity to reverse the curse invoked by the embattled Bishop Daniel Obinim, the self-acclaimed man of God, on his former girlfriend’s child.

After dazzling a group of journalists in Accra with his spiritual prowess, Togbui Amusu, who styles himself as a professor in the spiritual realm, also announced his readiness to heal the three-year-old child, who had become physically challenged as a result of the alleged machinations of Bishop Obinim.

According to togbui amuzu, he was directed by the “Holy Spirit” to come to the aid of the innocent child who was unnecessarily embroiled in a conflict he had no power to disentangle himself from.
Bishop Obinim, head Pastor of the International God’s Way Ministry, was said to have conceded on an Accra-based radio station that he cursed and crippled the three-year-old child of Gifty Fobih, the wife of Pastor Williams Fobih, an assistant pastor of Bishop Obinim and leading Bible reader of the church.

The child in contention has, since his childhood, been unable to walk or function as a normal person, a situation Bisop Obinim claimed responsibility for.

He was directed by the Holy Spirit?!!! Are you thinking what am thinking? As in; what high rate of blasphemy is this? Our God is a merciful one, if not, thunder will just strike them including the supposed Bishop who said he was instructed by God to place that curse on the innocent child in order to teach the mother a lesson. 

My question then is can he stand God's punishment if He (God) is to punish him for sleeping with the lady (another man's wife) in the first place? Also, could the parents of the child not send him to a genuine man of God for healing than for the herbalist and spiritualist to (blaspheme) like this about the Holy spirit? I know we have genuine men of God around. One thing I have learnt from this whole story is that, the name of God cannot be taken for granted.

No wonder another man of God predicted the end time to be in May only to come out to say it had been  postponed until further notice when it didn't happen (guess he said that to cause fear and panic; and also for us to stop sinning. lol)... Chei!!! These men of God will not kill us oo! My advice is, let us be careful about some of these people who claim to be men of God and walk with our eyes wide opened. 

Trust me to bring you the rest of the story as and when they come in. Like I said in the part1 of this story, when the odds speak... the best place to be is on the Lord's side.

Peace... I'm out


  1. some of these men of God have questionable characters, i pray the Lord reveals all of them and separate the sheep from the wolves. those who have ears should hear what God is about to do, massive shake-up among the mean of God.

  2. some of these men of God get as e be sef, we just dey suffer for their hand anyhow. Nah God go punish them.....

  3. I'm soo gona walk with my eyes open and my brain functional. So help me God

  4. i dont blame the guys that use people to enrich themselves using whatever means possible. the people i blame are those that allow themselves to be used! tell me one thing priscy, do people still go to the church of this 'man of God'? as in, does he still have a congregation??? Amazing how people will let themselves be blindfolded

  5. @ Amaka, you wont believe it when I tell you number of people who still troop to his church. Some for miracles others because of gossip. the amazing one is, he still preaches and performs miracles on some of the local TV stations.

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