Wednesday 28 September 2011

Happy Hour

A colleague of mine turned 60 last week and was due to go on retirement on that same day. So the organization I work with decided to surprise him, by hosting a birthday/send-off party in his honour and we had so much fun. 
The one in the T-shirt is the birthday guy and the one going on pension too
we are one sweet happy family
It was pure joy chatting with colleagues and taking the "pressure" off   
there was even a barbecue stand in the yard
a happy hour it was indeed
It was a "mixed feeling" kind of situation because, in as much as we will be missing him, the party also brought happy moments for us while we distressed. Perhaps staff members should turn 60 years more often so we get to have this kind of I'm not lazy o! Just loving the fun we had...

Don't we just look good in our traditional wears? we were all looking casual because it was a Friday.

Peace... I'm out


  1. i wuld love me some barbeque o! y'all look gud and happy. Nice sandals too lol

  2. i cnt see anyone in the pic that looks 60 lol. He must be a very agile 60 yr old man :)

  3. Enjoyment galore! You had fun without us, abi?

  4. @Toinlicious, don't worry darling, will surely get you some barbeque. :-)

    @kitkat, you see oo, I guess he is lol, thanx for dropping by and following I appreciate.

    @ilola, you have no idea the kinda fun I am planing for us,*wink*lol. cheers dearie, I appreciate.

  5. you have pretty girls in that office, hmmmmmm, maybe I have to come visiting one of these, nice pictures